Sam Twyford-Moore is the author of The Rapids: Ways of Looking at Mania published in Australia by NewSouth Books.

The Rapids is forthcoming from the Aevo imprint at the University of Toronto Press. 

He is the founding host of The Rereaders, a fortnightly literary and cultural podcast and a former Festival Director and CEO of the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

The Aevo edition of The Rapids, which includes an exclusive new introductory essay, is available for pre-order here.

Praise for The Rapids:

Sam Twyford-Moore’s The Rapids is a harrowing and thoughtful exploration of all the crap that makes us human.

MICHAEL SALA, author of The Restorer

Bright, warm and charmingly discursive, Sam examines his own mania by the bright lights of pop culture. He's witty and honest but judiciously wary of our culture of confession.

MARTIN McKENZIE MURRAY, Chief Correspondent, The Saturday Paper

The Rapids is beautifully written: brimming with humour, empathy, pathos and heart.
This book is an earnest, generous, and important contribution to ongoing global dialogue around mental health.

MAXINE BENEBA CLARKE, author of The Hate Race

The Rapids is a remarkable book – intelligent, empathic and ethical. It offers a complex and astute account of mania and depression both as a cultural phenomenon and a personal experience, and is unafraid of looking at difficult and dark emotions and events. It is by turns heart-breaking and hilarious, cerebral and cheeky, and an incredibly important work.

FIONA WRIGHT, author of Small Acts of Disappearance

The Rapids is the story of a writer making sense of mania, the world, and mania within the world. It is innovative, intelligent and sensitive; an important work of criticism, and a critical work of importance.

KYLIE MASLEN, Kill Your Darlings